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Communication Between Machines, Humans, and Everything in Between

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Good flow of communication is one of the aspects that dictate the overall success of a company. It serves as the backbone for industrial companies for the efficient automation of production systems and transfer of data.

Due to technological advancements, communication has become more automated. Humans and machines can now interact with little to no effort. All it takes are a few presses of buttons or a variety of voice commands.

But how does this happen? Here are some ways they communicate:

User Interface

A user interface is a form of communication done between human and a machine. Devices have this interface where a person can interact with the machine to control switches, add or control other elements, and see displays. One example of a user interface is an HMI.

What is HMI?

HMI or Human-Machine Interaction is used to control and monitor machines. You may have needed to adjust the volume automatically in your car’s entertainment system while driving in Nebraska or used an ATM in Utah—both of these is possible with the help of HMI Programming. It can be found on a screen—computer screens or touch screens—that can be controlled by an operator or personnel. It includes different information, ranging from numerical data, material count, temperature, steps, or pressure. This is the most commonly used form of communication for big industries.

Hardware Interface

Electric socket on white backgroundThe next type is the hardware interface, where there is an interaction taking place between physical systems, especially in the field of electronics or electrical engineering. A common example is a plug and socket, which communicate through the electric signals passed through them.

Software Interface

Another type of communication used in industries is the software interface. It is a type of communication where commands and data between processes provide access for exchange. Despite the term, the software interface does not only mean communication between programs. Many times, it also means the interaction between software and hardware. Case in point, clicking the switch off button on the screen (software) will turn off the computer (hardware).

Network Interface

A network interface is where communications between computers take place. It allows computer network access to another computer network. This is commonly used to track shared data among a company’s different departments. It also allows for quick transfer of data to another server. Television networks are among the many companies that benefit from network interface communication.

A television network uses this interface where video and audio materials of news are shared and accessed through different departments or places without the need for physical interaction like what others do for hardware interface.

These communication types for companies are important for a harmonious flow of information and communication for all concerned departments. That is why ensuring the best quality of industrial communications protocol must be a priority for every business.

Getting the right manufacturer for your industry’s communication needs is very important, as it plays a vital role in your success. Process automation makes things easier for everyone in your organization.

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