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Building Buzz: Creating Hype for Your Product Launch

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You’ve finally created a product that can change lives. It’s been through rigorous prototyping and testing. All there’s left now is to launch it. Unfortunately, not every inventor or entrepreneur is given the same big platform as major companies like Apple and Google. It’s also your job to make sure the world knows all about your new product. So, what can you do to build hype for your launch?

Improve Your Online Visibility

More than half of people do online research before buying a product, whether they’re getting it from an e-commerce site or a brick and mortar store, according to Google’s recent data. They often do this on search engines and even on Facebook and Twitter. A recent survey from HubSpot found that about 40% of people use social media to know more about products. If you want your product launch to gain publicity, there’s no better medium than the internet. Here are some ways to improve your online visibility.

  • Get Your Product to the Top of Google – Since most customers look for information about products on search engines, you should pour most of your online marketing budget on search engine optimization (SEO).

An SEO agency can help you research relevant keywords about your brand and offerings and implement them on your website copy and content.  That makes it easier for customers and Google to understand, which ultimately leads to a higher rank on the results.

  • Create a Strong Social Media Presence – Set up your social media page with complete information and graphics. Create posts that link to your blog articles or provide educational content about how your product works and who it’s for. Hire influencers in your industry to post about teasers of your product as well to create buzz and get people curious about your offerings. And if you have the budget, run pay-per-click ads customized for your target audience.

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Get People Up to Speed With Your Product

Your blog articles should be all about how your products work and how they help your customers.  You must also set up a “frequently asked questions” page to provide concrete answers to the concerns your audience might have about your product. If you’re unsure about how to write this, ask help from a strategic marketing service provider. They’ll lead your marketing team to create the necessary content to not only build buzz about your brand but also educate your audience.

Run a Giveaway

Got an excellent functioning prototype you don’t plan on using anymore or an early production copy? Give it away! Contests and sweepstakes are useful because no one can resist a free product. When you use a tool like, which allows people to earn entries by doing actions such as visiting your site, following your social media, and retweeting/sharing your posts, you’re sure to get the brand awareness you need. You’ll also be setting a positive image among your audience as well. Who doesn’t like a company that gives out freebies?

No matter how great your product is, it likely flop if you don’t create awareness about it. Hype up your launch with these effective online marketing methods. With a search engine and social media-visible site, an attractive giveaway, and complete and easy-to-understand product information, your customers are sure to watch your launch and clear your shelves.

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