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The 5 Best Local Travel Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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Local travel is becoming more popular because it allows travelers to explore their backyard and discover exciting places to visit right in their neighborhood. It can also be more affordable than traveling to far-off destinations and a great way to get to know a new location.

This is excellent news for the businesses within the travel industry, as it means a growing market for their services. To meet the needs of this market, companies will need to be innovative and offer unique experiences that consumers cannot find elsewhere.

So, if you’re looking to adapt to the changing needs of consumers, here are five trends that you can expect to see in the local travel industry over the next few years:

Trend #1 An Increasing Focus on Eco-Friendly Tourism

As awareness of the need to protect the environment grows, so does the demand for eco-friendly tourism products and services. Eco-friendly tourism is defined as tourism that has a low environmental impact and supports local communities.

Sustainability has also become a key concern for the travel industry, and many companies are trying to reduce their environmental impact. One way they are doing this is by offsetting their carbon emissions. This compensates for the carbon dioxide emitted by airplanes and other vehicles by investing in projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

For example, Virgin Atlantic has partnered with ClimateCare to offset its carbon emissions. The airline has also introduced several sustainability initiatives, such as using more fuel-efficient aircraft and investing in renewable energy.

Trend #2 A Rise in Short-Haul Adventure Travel

While some may think that travel is all about going to far-flung, exotic locations, the reality is that many people only have a limited amount of time and money to play with. This has resulted in a rise in short-haul adventure travel, which is perfect for those who want to get their fix of culture and nature without spending a fortune or being away from home for too long.

Short-haul travels are also great for those who have a limited amount of vacation days. Travelers can use them to visit multiple destinations without the stress of long flights or the need to take extra time off work. And this way, they’ll have better control over their itineraries.

This is good news for dealerships that offer RVs for sale since adventure travel is one of the most popular activities that people use them for. And because there is a growing preference for long-distance road trips, you can expect an increase in recreational vehicle sales in the coming years.

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Trend #3 The Growing Prevalence of Bleisure Traveling

Bleisure travel is a combination of business and leisure travel. It’s becoming increasingly popular as business professionals look for ways to make the most of their time on business trips while maximizing their vacation days.

One of the main reasons bleisure travel is on the rise is because of the growth of the sharing economy. Services like Airbnb and Uber have made it easier for people to extend their business trips by a few days to explore their destination.

This trend is good news for businesses that cater to travelers, such as hotels, restaurants, and tour operators. It’s also a good opportunity for companies to market themselves to bleisure travelers by offering deals and packages that combine business and leisure activities.

Trend #4 An Increase in Solo Travel

Solo travel is another trend on the rise, as more and more people are choosing to explore the world on their own. This is partly due to the growth of the sharing economy, which has made it easier for people to travel independently.

It’s also a result of the growing number of women choosing to travel solo. According to the Solo Traveler, women are more likely to travel alone than men since they’re more likely to feel safe and independent when traveling alone.

This trend is good news for businesses that cater to solo travelers, such as hostels, tour operators, and activity providers. It’s also a good opportunity for companies to market themselves to solo travelers by offering deals and packages specifically designed for them.

Trend #5 A Shift Towards Luxury Travel

There is a growing trend towards luxury travel, as more people look for ways to treat themselves. This is partly because people are now more able to afford it, thanks to the growth of the middle class in emerging markets.

It’s also because people are now more interested in experiences than material possessions. This has led to a rise in the popularity of luxury travel, as people are willing to spend more money on a fantastic experience than on material goods.

This trend is good news for businesses that cater to luxury travelers, such as 5-star hotels, tour operators, and activity providers. These companies can offer eye-catching deals and packages to travelers, which can also work as a marketing strategy to make their brand more known.

As you can see, the travel industry is changing, and many new trends are emerging. These trends provide opportunities for businesses to market themselves to new types of travelers and offer deals and packages that cater to their needs. So if you’re in the travel industry, make sure you stay up-to-date on these trends so you can capitalize on them.

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