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Beat the Summer Heat without Worrying about High Energy Bills

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Many Palmerston North residents look forward to the warmth that the summer season in New Zealand brings, and for many good reasons. Primarily, it is the freedom from the chilly days that they usually have to deal with for the most part of the year.

Of course, there is the comfort and convenience of having to wear fewer layers of clothes, and more importantly, just relaxing and vacationing. However, summer is not just all about going to the beach and wearing thinner clothes.

It can also mean uncomfortably hot days, which typically results in increased air conditioning use. With the AC turned on for longer periods of time, the result is obvious: serious spikes in utility bills.

The lesser-known impact of heightened reliance on air conditioners

Significantly higher utility bills are not the only issue arising from prolonged use of your air conditioner during summer. There is also the greater risk of premature breakdowns due to the increased pressure placed on the unit.

When this happens, you would have to spend even more to have your malfunctioning air conditioning system repaired.

Beating the heat without beating up your air conditioner

While it is true that cooling appliances play a massive role in keeping the comfort of homes in NZ, there several other ways to achieve optimal indoor climate. Best of all, they are of passive design, which means they take advantage of the climate so that your home maintains an overall comfortable temperature.

As a result, these strategies minimise your need to use the AC, which prevents utility bill spikes and early equipment breakdowns.

The most affordable yet effective heat-reducing additions to your home

Window treatments are arguably amongst the most inexpensive strategies to maintain indoor comfort during summer while also reducing AC reliance.

In addition to furnishings such as curtains, drapes, blinds, or shutters, you should also consider investing in quality window tinting services for your Palmerston North home.

Combined, these window covers can greatly minimise unnecessary heat gains, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the summer season.


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