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5 Things that Keep Hotel Guests Coming Back

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Nowadays, hotel guests are not only looking for a roof and a bed where they can spend the night away. Many travellers are looking for rooms that will feature quality room amenities so they can have a more comfortable rest.

They wanted to feel pampered and experience luxury while staying in a place away from their home. As a hotel owner or a manager, what are the basic room amenities that you should provide to your guests? We have asked some of the travellers around, and we came up with this list.

1. Pamper with clean and comfortable pillows and bed linens

Travelling is tiring, and sometimes, it can be stressful. Upon arriving at the hotel, the first thing that your guest would love to see is a bed equipped with clean and comfortable pillows and linens. They wanted to get pampered, and you should meet their needs as much as possible so they can forget all the troubles that they had along the way.

2. Go for the oversized towels

Imagine yourself using a towel that cannot cover your entire body. It feels comfortable, right? If you are staying with a friend or co-worker, this can be awkward, too. To avoid this situation, you will need to provide your guests with soft and oversized towels that they can use comfortably, whether they are staying alone or with someone.

Large towels bring luxury to your guests. Add some towels that come in different sizes, and your guests will be impressed more.

3. Prepare a complete set of toiletries.

When we say complete, it does not mean that you will have a set of soap, shampoo, and conditioner that comes in small bottles. Your guests will need more of that. If you want to make them feel the luxury with your hotel, you need to provide full-sized toiletries that will make them clean and refreshed.

More than that, hotel supplies here in Australia can be distinctive for the country. Providing toiletries is very important for your guests who are travelling for business since they will need to look good and feel good before heading out for a meeting.

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4. Provide a welcome drink or refreshment

Forget about bottled water or sample-sized alcohol for your complimentary refreshments. If you want your guests to feel that they are pampered and cared for, you will need more than that. What about a cup of tea or coffee sitting in real drinkware?

Add up some hospitality by personally giving them the drink or assign someone from your staff to do it. This way, your guests may forget every hassle from their flight because they received a warm welcome.

5. Give something extra

It doesn’t have to be something huge or expensive. Sometimes, offering your guests some homemade cookies, fresh flowers, or even hotel-harvested honey inside their room can make their day and feel like they are the unique guest in your hotel. Your business does not need to spend too much with that extra.

Just find something that will surprise your guests, and they will remember it for the rest of their trip.

The competition among hotels around the world is getting tighter today. But there are always ways to shine from the crowd. Know the basics for your hotel room and add some luxury using those tips mentioned above so your guests will never forget their experience as they stayed with your hotel.

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