Washington, D.C.

4 Things to Prepare for a Trip to Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States, making it one of the most powerful political centers in the world. Recently, the city has also become a popular tourist destination due to its great buildings, monuments, and specific urban planning. If you’re traveling to Washington, D.C. soon, the following tips might help in polishing your plans:

Arrange your transportation in advance

Transportation can be quite tricky. For one, the nearest airport is the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which is quite small. The good thing is it’s connected to the Metro. As for intra-city transportation, 5 Bucks Pickup and locals recommend booking a taxi instead since it’s the most convenient option, especially if you have many things with you.

Know whether the weather will agree with you

Summers can be harsh in D.C. The temperatures usually peak during August, which is also when tourist visits also top out. If you want the weather to be tolerable, visiting during the spring or fall may be ideal.

Write ahead for tour tickets

Washington, D.C. is the seat of power of the most powerful country in the world, so there will be security measures you need to settle before you will be allowed to visit important stops in a Congressional tour. You may want to write your senator or representative to request tour tickets ahead.

Visit the monuments during the evenings

It may weird to visit monuments when it’s dark, but the great thing about D.C. is that many memorials and monuments are open until late night. This way, you can avoid the worst of the crowds and enjoy them more intimately.

Washington, D.C. is not like other big urban centers in the United States. Going to this city may require a bit more preparation than usual, so it’s best to have everything ready.

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