3 Human Needs That Dogs Effortlessly Fulfill

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Other than the fact that they are so cute, there are more science-backed reasons to adopt puppies. Research found that living with a pet is extremely beneficial for humans both emotionally and psychologically.

Consider the following benefits when looking for pomsky puppies for adoption:

Belonging and friendship

Interactions among people can be highly complex, some of which even lead to strong friendships and family ties. Fortunately, many experts claim that pet owners are four times less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners. That’s because bonds formed with pets can fill the gap left by an inadequate human support.

Dogs possess enough cognitive abilities to communicate with people and react intelligently to human sounds and behavior. Add to this their affectionate nature and what you get is a fun, loving, and loyal companion.

Relief from stress

A study done 30 years ago at Purdue University and the University of Pennsylvania has found that petting a friendly and familiar dog reduces blood pressure, regularizes breathing, and reduces muscle tension. These effects are also long lasting. As illnesses are linked to stress, you should note that pet owners might be less prone to getting sick than people who do not spend time with adorable fur balls.


Many pet owners admit that they enjoy the caretaker role they take on and this feeling of being needed leads to joy. Experts describe altruism as a powerful anti-depressant, yet another wonderful perk of caring for a pet.

The sacrifices of being there for a dog are many and often involve cleaning up their mess, taking them out for early walks, and playing with them. There’s some truth in the saying “the more you give, the more you receive”. Do your homework to learn more about the benefits of getting a pet dog or puppy.

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